The Journey - Project McGee


Understanding the clients  

  • Modernize the space & increase amount of natural light
  • Make primary bedroom feel calming and cozy
  • Single to double vanity
  • Remove blocky shower and make more spacious
  • Convert existing tub with a freestanding
  • Modern minimal style
  • Inspiration Boards presented & design concept/layout proposal discussed with client for feedback and approval
  • Proposal sent to General contractors & trades to determine feasibility and preliminary renovation cost


  • Finishing touches are added to perfect the design concept
  • Materials are applied to model and finalized
  • 3D modelling to showcase the overall concept

  • Construction material and finishes are selected and presented to the client.
  • Inspiration & Sample boards presented to client for review & approval
  • Design concept is converted into workcopy construction drawings such as elevation, electrical lighting plan, millwork/fabrication specifications, etc.
  • Drawings provided to general contractor and relevant trades for guidance during demolition & construction.


  • Renovation activity begins
  • Site visits during critical stages of construction
  • Assessment is made to verify the design plans and make any adjustments necessary after demolition
  • All materials and finishings needed for construction are sourced 
  • Final walkthrough with client to address any deficiencies before completing the project