Hello! Meet Daniel & Fiaz

The Founders of Plywood Eh!  A family-owned local business.  They moved back to Canada at the beginning of 2020 to start their lives all over again after spending over a decade in various parts of the world.

They never expected to move in the midst of a Global Pandemic.  Life truly takes you through an adventure eh?  They faced the biggest challenge of furnishing their own home to suit their style.  Moving into a brand new townhouse, without a single piece of furniture during a lockdown was the most strenuous part.  A Home is not a place, it’s a feeling, it should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.  Not having options that matched their liking made them turn to their hobby of Woodworking.  They converted their garage into a workshop to Design and Build their own custom furniture.

Moving back from their hectic corporate careers abroad and determined to be their own Bosses they saw this as a great opportunity to start selling their products on social media.  They received amazing feedback and reaction from their online followers.  Orders started to take off and they were positively overwhelmed.  This encouraged them to turn this into a real business and say goodbye to their full-time jobs, and “Plywood Eh? was born.

Custom Made Scandinavian Inspired Furniture

Kē Design Collective is proud to announce our collaboration with Plywood Eh!, a very talented local millwork shop that hand crafts each piece to your specific requirements.

They build custom furniture, retail displays and minimalistic indoor planters to name a few.  

Our collaboration together has enable us to serve our clients better bringing in more unique pieces and custom designs to your very home. 

We can’t wait to build something great together.

Types of Plywood

There are many types of plywood out there, from the typical ones you would find from Home Depot to the local millwork suppliers.  Plywood Eh! uses a high grade plywood made from baltic birch plywood.  It is strong and durable, a harder type of wood, superior screw holdings compared to the softer wood veneers, cleaner joineries, and attractive appearance and a fraction of the cost of hardwood!  What is there not to love?

Types of Patterns

Vertical Lines


Horizontal Lines