Getting Started on a Renovation?

At Kē Design Collective we realize how stressful and overwhelming a renovation can be.  We are here to help & simplify the process.

Room Refresh

Not completely into the renovation scene?  We have a package specially curated for you.   Check out our interior decorating package.

col· lec· tive | \ kə-ˈlek-tiv  \

At Kē Design Collective we believe there is no one trade that can bring your visions into reality.  It is a collective effort of trades that work towards the same goal.


Our Style

At Kē Design Collective we specialize in bringing your unique style into our mix of modern minimalism. At Kē Design Collective we focus on integrating your personal unique style with our edge of minimalism. Form follows function is the basis of our design concepts, where practicality is the priority.

Curious About What our Design Packages Include?