concept. design. collaborate.

Every great design begins with a concept. This concept is further refined with our unique design development approach transforming your inspirations to reality. Lastly, our hands-on team of designers collaborate & work closely with contractors, trades & fabricators to deliver custom spaces that function for your lifestyle & needs.

Our Style

At Kē Design Collective we specialize in bringing your unique style into our mix of modern minimalism. We focus on integrating your personal unique style with our edge of minimalism. Form follows function is the basis of our design concepts, where practicality is the priority.


Why Choose Kē Design Collective

Designing bathrooms, kitchens and interior spaces is our passion and expertise. Our design & style speaks for itself.  We treat all our clients spaces as if it was our own taking great care to the details and consideration to function, style & budget. Our hands-on design studio has a deep understanding of both design and build for any remodelling needs.   

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